Awareness & Training

We'll make your employees aware of current issues and train them in targeted approaches to application security.

Developers and other staff are under growing pressure when it comes to security. Agile teams, frequent updates, changes and upgrades: they face massive challenges.

By enhancing awareness and training at all levels, many bugs can be prevented before they even occur:

  • What is information security? What is IT security? What about cybersecurity?
  • Why is security important?
  • What are the latest approaches to security? How do they fit together?
  • What is a bug bounty program and how can it help my company (and when won't it)?
  • How do I deal with vulnerabilities? What internal processes do we need?
  • How can automated security tools be used to enhance IT security?

Not even we are experts in everything, which is why for certain awareness and training services we deploy specially selected partners and coordinate everything – so you can focus on what you do best.

Our offers in the area of Awareness & Training:



When it comes to security, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. A shared understanding, basic awareness, and in some cases detailed technical knowledge are crucial links in the security chain.

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Best Practice

When it comes to securing digital products, having the right processes in place is vital for risk and vulnerability management, identity and access management, and other key processes.

Whether you need an initial high-level assessment or an in-depth audit, just ask us!
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Hacking Events

Looking for something a bit different that you can organize in-house or off-site? A hacking event might be a great way to go.

You can get actively involved or simply be a sponsor – sit back and leave the rest to us.
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Our expert Rolf Wagner will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Bug Hunting.

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